An Obsession

Sangeeta Das | Guwahati

Oh! Why am I crying
And passing sleepless nights?
Drowned in a desperate sea,
Lost all rays of light.

My sense asks me to stop,
And sensibility says – go ahead.
Let he be remembered forever,
Let the door and windows shut
For others.

Will it not suffocate the room
Ceasing the fresh breeze
To come inside?

Did I try to cross
The sorrowful ocean of life
With an obsolescent boat?

It doesn’t matter, it’s a heart matter.
For everything is fair in love and war.

People say love is blind.
But I think I have no eyes!

Dreams are what?
Mere crystals of glaring glasses,
Break easily on the rocks of harsh reality.

Will I ever overcome the dilemma?
Or will it remain fixed in my heart
Like an obsession??


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